Bucks Player Steps Up For Community In Need

by Cam McLachlan

Calgary Bucks 18U player, Gabriel Knox, has stepped up for his community during a time of need!  Along with being a standout player for the Bucks over the past several years, Gabriel has also regularly showed his leadership & character both on and off the field, and this latest example is truly remarkable. 

Over the past few months, Gabriel organized a donation drive for frostbite prevention kits which the Calgary Drop-In Centre puts together for the homeless.  The donation drive was the result of his daily travels downtown to school and witnessing so many vulnerable homeless people suffering the consequences of the cold temperatures.  Gabriel felt moved by this and being the person he is, immediately wanted to do something to help.  He decided he was going to leverage social media to engage his community to bring “frostbite prevention” as a cause to the forefront, and began seeking out donations of items such as toques, mittens, neck warmers, scarves, hand warmers, hand cream, lip balm etc.  After all his hard work & commitment, he was able to collect nearly 700 items for frost bite prevention kits!  Although, a tough year for baseball and school during the COVID-19 pandemic, Gabriel still felt privileged and that there was no comparison to the loss and struggles of those less fortunate.

The receivers at the Drop-In Centre were thrilled with the donation and expressed how thankful they were, as the donation would be able to help so many people in need.

Although this is just the latest example of his selflessness, Gabriel is no stranger to volunteering and giving back to his community.  He volunteers his time at a local food bank on a weekly basis, as well as constantly helps run several youth baseball camps & clinics at Absolute Baseball Academy throughout the year.  Fitting with his personality, Gabriel is a quiet leader who never seeks out the limelight or accolades.  His role as catcher is another example where he prefers to showcase the abilities of his pitchers and teammates while he works hard behind the plate.  He simply believes in putting in the hard work and lets his work speak for itself.  Much like the volunteering, when he sees the need, he steps up to help out.

Gabriel has also maintained a 4.0 GPA, and has received several academic achievements & awards throughout the years.  He is looking forward to studying Commerce at the University level, and is truly setting himself up to do amazing things as he continues to grow.  The Calgary Bucks Baseball Program is extremely proud of Gabriel and are fortunate to have him as a role model for all the other players & coaches in the program!